I named this section Outer Space it has everything to do with NASA space program.

One of the greatest things we have is NASA space program in outer space travel.

I got some great images and information about how it works through NASA.

I ask some questions about NASA program and have the responses.

My peek of interest had to be the Rovers/Robotics.

There's been four successful robotic Mars rovers.

Their names are.





Most research was done through.Wikipedia.org and NASA space program.


Spirit                                                                                  Curiosity. 


Sojourner                                                                                           Opportunity




The communication of a rover.


January 28, 1986

Rest in peace the magnificent 7 of the Space Shuttle Challenger.


February 1, 2003

 Sadly the Space Shuttle Colombia crew of 7 brave men and women astronauts.  Rest in peace.