This animated performance is intended for wide screen.   Time and quality varies depending on your internet speed. 

To enjoy this animated site you must let the page load completely. 

Due to high resolution images the only cell phones you should see this animated performance

with is a wide screen cell phone, like an Android. Android can be flip for wide screen.

I used slow speed DSL to make this animated site so speeds OK.

Click the next button on pages to continue.  Some will have a menu button click that to continue.  If it says click images click it to continue.

These pages have backgrounds, background always loads last . After background loads page is completely loaded.



 Is best to start from the beginning  the land pages, Land Invasion.  Because that's where you
shell take the feel real shuttle and the action of the invasion that follows.

Below the instructions of the land page you will find a drop down menu buttons for this animated site.
You will find a menu of the topics to the animated site after the first set of pages which are the land invasion.
You can go straight to menu by the drop buttons of Cyber Hot Links, About and dedication pages.

The  first set of pages (land invasion) was made like a feed or comic page so was area 51.

When correctly loaded the animations runs quick at full speed like a video.

Browsers used for the animations were  Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, Google Chrome.

This animated site was done manually with no frames. (use of many frames just slows down pages)



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