This was the most challenging and very interesting topic of research I've done.  Not only of area 51 but I found the town of area 51 name Rachel to be the most interesting.  To be honest the town of Rachel is what really touch my heart.   I have made reenactment scenarios in theory of total fiction of what could have gone on in the lives of the residents and military base of area 51 and the town Rachel in the state of Nevada.  Rachel Nevada was founded in May 1973 it is a very small town of about 100 residents, or less.  2010 census indicates a population of 54.  On February 15, 1977 the town change the name to Rachel given to the first child born in the town delivered by her father in their mobile home on Feb. 15, 1978.  Rachel sadly died at the tender age of three (in the state of Washington where her parents moved to), given to respiratory problems said to possibly been created by dust from the Mt. St. Helens eruption in 1980.  I could not imagine what those parents went through. The town is simple but they seem to have all they need.  It may be a small town but. boy did they get their share of action.  The famous A'LE'LNN restaurant, bar and 12 rooms motel all under one roof.  The only open gas service is 50 miles away you won't want to have a little gas in your tank or you'll be stuck.  I would think the residents carry portable containers of gas.  This town was features in some movies, magazines. and much more.  Let's see how it turns out.  Not by words but by imaging through png, jpg, gif animation.  First lets look at the real images.



Area 51 Watertown.

What you see on the far left is the little town of Rachel on E.T HWY.

Rachel Nevada.